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At Williams Scarborough Gray, LLP, we provide a full range of financial management services for clients of all types including individuals, non-profit organizations, family businesses and corporations. Our clients come from all walks of life; they encompass all types and sizes of businesses; and they use our services to meet their accounting, audit, tax planning and preparation, and business consulting needs.


We provide a full range of data processing services, including general ledger, payroll, and accounts receivable processing. This area of our practice extends to the installation of both hardware and software in our client’s’ offices.


Auditing involves the examination and presentation of financial statements. These tasks are far from routine and use financial statements as a prime source of information for creditors, stockholders, investors, and government agencies.


Seldom is a major business decision made without prior study of the tax effect. Our office can advise you on a variety of tax matters, helping you navigate the increasingly complex tax gauntlet.

Tax and Estate Planning

Income and estate tax planning are important to many of our clients. We provide a well-laid-out plan that will see you from start to finish.

Management Services

Our management consulting covers general management, accounting controls, office procedures, personnel management, computer systems, and marketing for diverse organizations. We guide our clients to better understand the growing complexities of management so that they remain current and effective.

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