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At Williams Scarborough Gray, LLP, we provide a full range of financial management services for clients of all types including individuals, non-profit organizations, family businesses and corporations. Our clients come from all walks of life; they encompass all types and sizes of businesses; and they use our services to meet their accounting, tax planning and preparation, and business consulting needs.


Chris Williams Accountant CPA working at desk

To us, accounting is anything but boring. We joyfully dig into the numbers to get a clear picture of your financial status.

By having WSG review, report, and analyze the data through our accounting services you will know exactly how to move forward with your business, non-profit entity, or personal plan.

The numbers won’t lie; they will tell you the whole story. But you need someone who can recognize and report the trends and shifts that could benefit or sabotage your progress.

WSG provides a full range of data processing services, including general ledger, payroll, and accounts receivable processing. This area of our practice extends to the installation of both hardware and software in our clients’ offices.


Randy Grey doing taxes

You want your business to be profitable enough to pay taxes. However, you also want to be sure you are paying the right taxes for the right reasons.

WSG looks at your business and guides you to your best tax solutions for payroll, income, excise, local, state, and federal taxes. With this jungle of taxes and tax law, it is a good idea to have expert advisors to guide you.

With guidance from WSG you can confidently make major business decision knowing the effect it will have on your taxes.

Tax & Estate Planning

Estate Planning

WSG clients tend to be calm and secure at tax time because we’ve worked out a plan for them. They aren’t worried that they have over paid or will have a huge tax bill on their financial horizon. They are confident that they are well prepared annually and quarterly.

The same goes for estate planning. Our clients understand the value of having a succession plan for their business and an estate plan for their personal wealth. We work with them to ensure that what they have worked for is shared the way they desire.

Our goal is to create a financial roadmap that takes you from start to finish. We know the best time to plan is now.


Bookkeeping with computer

Not everyone is good at keeping track of income and expenses. Some are better than others, but most business owners would prefer to use their time doing what they do best and it is not bookkeeping.

WSG understands that invoices and receipts can pile up and get away from the busy entrepreneur. That’s why we are happy to get those digits down so that you don’t have to fuss with them.

We will get your books in order and best of all; you will have more time for your enterprise.

Quickbooks Assistance

QuickBooks Assistance

Small to medium sized businesses frequently rely on QuickBooks for their accounting software. It offers applications to manage and pay bills, track expenses and income, and it even can handle payroll functions.

However, you need to know how to use it to get the most out of it.

WSG offers QuickBooks Assistance. We will get your books set up on QuickBooks and help you understand the functions and reports that you need to keep your business humming along.

Management Services

Williams Scarborough Gray partners

Our management consulting covers general management, accounting controls, office procedures, personnel management, computer systems, and marketing for diverse organizations.

We guide our clients to better understand the growing complexities of management so that they remain current and effective.

We are your accounting partner.  Let's get started.

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